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Tournament Seed Chart

A critical document for any tournament is the seed chart. The seed chart provides a high level overview of information for your tournament. The seed chart is the document needed to build a schedule.

Flyball Manager uses the data entered for club team entries and divisions to generate the tournament seed chart. Let's have a look at the seed chart for our practice tournament.

Seed Chart

Here we can see there is 1 division, R1 with 4 teams ordered by the seed time provided on the club's team entry. Each team's club, name, class and seed time is displayed.

For each division we can see summary information including the race format, the total number of races for the division, each team's total race count and total number of heats for the tournament.

The spread shows the time in seconds between the highest seeded team and lowest seeded team in the division. The lower the spread, the more competitive the division will be.

Congratulations! You've got our practice tournament all setup and is now ready to be scheduled. Excellent Job!!!!!!!