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Welcome to Flyball Manager!

Thank you for your interest in Flyball Manager part of the suite of products. My goal with this project is to bring a robust, modern scoring application to the sport we love. Flyball Manager is an evolving project. I have a lot of great ideas for the software. Your feedback is VERY welcomed.

- Bob

dashboard screen


Everything you need to Score and Inform including:

  • Intuitive, easy to read user interface
  • Create tournament schedule following NAFA racing schedules in Appendix B of NAFA Rules
  • Easy schedule conflict resolution
  • Intuitive scoring interface
  • Live race updates for participants
  • Online Race Results (coming soon...)
  • "Racing", "On Deck" and "In The Hole" with Race Time Estimates for Smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Runs on Windows and Mac (now includes native Apple Silicon support)

Your support fosters the development of the software and makes the system even better. Please spread the word.

Road Map

My path for development as of now...

  • add breaks to race schedule (released 11/2022)
  • online results and basic analytics (released 01/2023)
  • scoring/online display of multi-ring, single system (in progress)
  • manually add races to schedule (tentative)
  • multi ring, multi scoring systems
  • single elimination races default path
  • online club pages
  • enhanced online experience
  • double elimination races (pending feedback after singles release)

System requirements


Windows version 10 or 11, 64-bit, 8 GB Ram, 10 GB storage

Minimum resolution: 1366x768


11.x (Big Sur)

12.x (Monterey)

13.x (Ventura) including native Apple Silicon!!!

Questions or comments?

bhall underscore 2001 at yahoo dot com <-hopefully you can figure that out ;-)