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Tournament Judges

Even though this is only practice, we still need to make things semi-official. And to do that we need to have a judge. Adding a judge to our tournament is pretty easy.

Navigate to the Tournament Judges screen. All the NAFA judges can be found in the scrolling list on the left side of the screen. You can scroll through the list looking for the judge you need. But Flyball Manager makes it easier than that.

In the search box you can type in the judge's ID (who knows that?) or any part or their first/last name. There is a little gotcha here.

NAFA uses the legal names of folks. Let's say Tom Lamont is judging your tournament. Typing in "tom" into the search box, you'll notice Tom does not come up in the results. That's because as a NAFA judge, Tom's first name is "Thomas". Our experience is you will have better luck finding a judge if you search with letters from their last name.

For our practice tournament enter "lam" to find Thomas Lamont as our head judge (by his last name) and click the right arrow to add him to the "Tournament Judges".

Add Judge

In a real tournament you will continue to add the judges on this screen. Be sure the head judge is the first judge entered.

Now we need to create a Division for our practice tournament.