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Tournament Entries

Once tournament clubs and teams are finalized, we need to add the club entries to Flyball Manager. This is done on the Entries screen. Navigate to the Entries screen by clicking the "Entries" tab while on the "Tournament" screen.

Add club

The first step needed for entries in our tournament is to add a participating club. The Entries screen has a list of all NAFA registered clubs on the right side. Scroll through the list to find the club needed and click the left arrow or double-click the club to add the club to the tournament clubs list.

Scrolling through all these clubs is not very efficient. Flyball Manager has a smart search field for NAFA clubs. In the search field you can enter a part of a club name or the NAFA club number. Once the club is found, click the left arrow or double-click the club to add it to the tournament clubs list.

For our practice tournament, select the club you belong to in the NAFA club list. For me, that's "B.A.R.K." which I know is NAFA ID 1009.

Club B.A.R.K.

Add club teams

Next up is adding teams to an entered club. In the tournament clubs list click the club you created above so that it is selected. Now Flyball Manager knows which club you are working with.

Under the "Club Team Entries" list, the "+" button is now active. In Flyball Manager this button is used to add a new item to the list. Let's click the "+" button.

B.A.R.K. New Team

An entry is added to the club's team entries named "New Team". Chances are that's not the name of the team. For our practice tournament, edit the name to a name used for a team in your club that runs as a Regular class team. For me that would be "BARK On".

Next we need to select what class this team runs in. We're going to enter this team in the "Regular" class.

Finally, we need to assign the seed time for the team. Enter the seed time for the team you're creating. While this is just practice, please enter a reasonable number ;-)

Club Team Details

GREAT! You've just added your first team to our practice tournament.

If this was a real tournament, you would enter all a club's team entries before moving on the the next club. For our practice tournament, we'll leave the entry at just 1 team.

Add 3 more clubs

This getting started guide is intended to show you the basics of how to get going. So to keep things moving, we're going to setup enough clubs and teams for a 4 team Regular 1 division.

On the Entries screen of our practice tournament, add 3 additional clubs each with 1 team all as "Regular" class teams. It really doesn't matter which clubs you choose and if you don't know the real names of the teams feel free to make something up, it's just for practice ;-)

Club Entries

In my case, here's what the Entries screen looks like once I've added in the additional clubs/teams.

Woop! Woop! Our practice tournament now has enough clubs and teams entered for us to do something with. But we need to make sure everything is run according to NAFA's rules. Time to add a judge to our practice tournament.