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Scoring Screen

Race results

How to score heats

The scoring screen is designed to make scoring heats as efficient as possible. For each heat, enter the times for the left and right lanes. A winner/loser will be determined based on the times entered.

Tabbing through the data entry fields is determined based on the work flow of entering information while racing is underway. First times are entered for each heat.

After all heats are complete, the C.2 forms return to the scoring table from the line judges. Arrange the C.2 forms such that the left lane is on top of the right lane. Tab to the left lane dogs entry field in the application.

An alert opens asking if online should be moved to the next race. Select Yes. The race number for the ring being scored will update at the bottom of the screen.

Now enter the dogs from the left lane C.2 form. Once 4 dogs are entered, the input moves to the next heat. If the dogs for this heat are the same as the prior heat, press <return> or <enter>. The dogs from the prior heat are copied to the current heat.

Once all dogs are entered on the left lane, verify the race times and won/loss information from the left lane C.2 form. This step is an extra check of the data to reduce data entry errors.

Swap the C.2 forms to bring the right lane form on top. Enter the dogs for the right lane, then check the race times and won/loss data as you did with the left lane.

The race has been successfully scored and verified.

Override automatic entries

Flyball Manager makes a good attempt at determining wins/loss/ties automatically. There are times that this data must be adjusted based on data entry errors or factors that may change the results after they are entered.

The entry field can be updated manually at any time. To make a correctly, click on the field and enter the data as it should be.

This is also true for race time and dog fields. When a correction is needed click on the field and enter the new data.

Race time entry shortcuts

No finish

A no finish heat is entered in the race time field for the team that did not finish. Pressing <n> on keyboard for the race time enters NF for the teams heat time. This signifies a No Finish.

10-key shortcuts

Flyball Manager is designed so that most scoring entries can be made from a 10-key pad. The following key shortcuts assist with scoring using a 10-key pad.

  • </> designates the left lane wins
  • <*> designates the right lane wins
  • - designates a no finish
  • Press <enter> to move to next field
  • <.> is optional when entering race times.

Adding a 10-key pad to a laptop can be done by either using an external keyboard with a 10-key pad or by using a Bluetooth wireless 10-key pad. We have had great luck with the Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad.


A team that interferes with another team is designated by entering the letter <i> in the race time field. This enters INF for the race time of the team as well as puts an I in the other team result column. When interference occurs the judge will assign an estimated time when all heats are completed.

There are times that prior or future race scoring screens will need to be accessed. There are a number of ways to navigate to races on the scoring screen.

  • Click the arrows to move 1 race either previous or next
  • Click the number between the arrows and enter the race number to navigate to
  • Click the Jump to Race button near the clock on the screen

Result labels

Race results are posted using labels. The labels communicate the result of each heat as well as the points earned by dogs and the team for the Tournament.

Labels are printed on 1"x4" standard labels. Avery 8161 is a common label for ink jet printers.

Avery 8161

Reading labels

Flyball Manager labels provide information for individual heats as well as points totals for dogs. Each race results in 4 labels being printed, 2 each per team.

Single Race Label Example Race Labels Sample labels for Race 1, teams BARK Off and Cruisin for a Brusin. 4 labels are printed for the single race.

Each race a team will end up with 2 labels printed. The first label details the race results as recorded by the Scorer. The label details each heat including the heat number, dogs (by lineup number), the time, whether the heat was won, lost or tied, and the number of NAFA points awarded. The right side of the label details the points awarded for this race for dogs and the team.

The second label details the total number of points the team and dogs on the team have accumulated for the tournament. This label is a running total of all points awarded for the tournament.

How to post labels

Labels are typically posted by division. A single poster board is created for each division. Turn the board to orient as landscape (horizontally long). Label the board at the top center with the division.


For larger sheets of poster board, it may be possible to fit multiple divisions on a single sheet.

Division Results

Teams for the division are indicated in columns. Divide the board horizontally into equal parts based on how many teams are in the division. Write each team name in a row just below the division row creating a column for each team.

Labels for each team are placed in the column under the teams' name. Labels are intended to be placed on the boards in a specific order. Following the steps below reduces confusion about the information communicated by the labels.

Team Labels

The second label for a team's race (points total label) should ALWAYS be the first label in the team's column on the poster board. Place the points total label over top of the prior points total label. In the image above reference item #2. If you look closely you will see there are multiple labels stack on top of each other.

There will be only 1 race points total label visible. The label should always be the first label of the team's column.

The points total label communicates total points for the team's dogs and tournament placement. Each time a new set of labels is printed, these totals are updated. By placing the label as the first label in the team's column, the points totals effectively are updated as a tournament progresses.

The first label for a teams' race (race results) should be placed in the first empty space at the bottom of the column for the team on the poster board. Each race result label will be available on the team's column of the poster board. In the image above reference item #1.

Labels should be placed on the board in the order of races. If a team runs multiple races before labels are printed, post the labels in order of the race number to reduce confusion when the results are viewed.

Fix scoring mistakes

Mistakes will happen and need correction. Not to worry. After race results are fixed on the scoring screen, new labels can be printed for the race. The label print dialog allows for printing of a single race if needed.

The new labels printed should be placed on top of the errant labels on the team's column. The first label will replace the posted results of the label with the mistake.

Point totals will be updated based on the correction made. The second label printed should be placed over the point total label at the top of the team column.

Posting labels takes a bit to get used to. The process may sound odd but when you get to the event you'll see this will all make sense.


Flyball Manager notifies the scorekeeper when a breakout occurs. Notify the Judge and close the alert displayed to continue scoring.

Flyball Manager keeps track of the total number of breakouts for teams. The scoring screen displays a red X for each breakout the team has. Each time the team comes up to race, the total number of breakouts is displayed.

When a team exceeds the number allowed by NAFA for either a 1 day or 2 day tournament, the team no longer scores tournament placement points and is not awarded a placement in the tournament.

Online race status

The far right of the scoring screen shows an abbreviated view of the race schedule. This listing shows the status if races displayed at website.

Double-click a race to modify online race information. On this screen you are able to change the ring the race will run in, set the race status, adjust the duration of the race and add a comment to the race.

Comments and duration are displayed online to participants viewing the schedule for the tournament.

Tournament comment

Enter a message on the Broadcast screen for the tournament. This message is displayed to participants viewing tournament information on their mobile device. Enter your message. As soon as you click out of the field the message is broadcast out.

Race comment and duration

Near the bottom of the scoring screen are entries for both a race comment and duration. Entering information in these fields will broadcast to participants viewing tournament information on a mobile device.

Use these fields to communicate details of a particular race such as for mat time, which dogs will be running. Setting the duration works well if the race represents a build in break for mat time or perhaps lunch. Enter a time in minutes for the break.