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Release notes

All notable changes to Flyball Manager...


  • fix issue with Apple Silicon running macOS Sonoma v14.1


  • fix issues with data for team details screen at


  • fix issue when deleting dogs from lineups


  • add limited multi-ring support
    • online on deck
    • pit boss scoring
    • pit boss tab ordering
  • Windows app uses installer and is now code signed!
  • allow break races to overlap
  • fix issue where version check may fail
  • added Stripe payment window
  • fixed issue where single bracket heat count was not added to online heat count


  • add warning when calculating placements if placements already exist
  • add check that all divisions have a judge assigned to them before generating the NAFA scoring file
  • numerous bug fixes on scoring screen when entering results
  • fixed an issue where 2nd round robin group could not have multiple rounds
  • fix tab order of label dialog and hide label window when printing


  • bug fixes related to last release


  • display warning when tournament placement points are not entered when navigating to the Scoring screen
  • "Pit Boss" tab order option -- tab fields in each lane first
  • display all entries option on Tournament Entry screen
  • add support for dogs uploading to
  • numerous bug fixes
  • built with Livecode 9.6.9
  • separate macOS Intel and Apple silicon binaries reduces size of app for Mac users


  • fix schedule lock status not being saved
  • limit race moving in schedule to not overlap with prior/next team race


  • add print all C.2 forms ordered by race schedule appearance (aka. print race 1 C2s, then race 2 C2s etc...)


  • fix issue when break is first race of a tournament



Yes, version 5.0.0 is newer than 21.2.2. I've decided to move to a more standard version naming scheme rather than based on the year I started working on a particular version of the app.

  • add tournament standings sent to
  • add team results sent to
  • bug fixes


  • fixed issue when scheduling teams with more than 9 races


  • bug fixes


  • add breaks to race schedule
  • add estimated start times on schedule screen
  • move all broadcast screen options to settings screen
  • fixed issue where NAFA data for dogs was not updating
  • add total dog points to completed C.2 forms
  • fixed issue where left lane heat 1 dogs could be over-written when tabbing
  • cleaned up lots of ui items in many locations in the app
  • lots of bug fixes
  • more performance tuning for bad networks
  • remove debugging code
  • Mac version "code signed" enhancing security (Windows coming as soon as I can prove I am who I say I am...)


  • behind the scenes changes that you won't notice in app
  • fixed bug where completed C2 forms would not print after a tournament


  • added network status indicator
  • changed name of completed C.2 forms button to help with confusion on when to use the form


  • remove extra characters when importing entries from Excel


  • updates online race schedule after 15 secs when moving to next race
  • fixed issues with performance teams not working correctly


When you run a tournament, you find things that are not just quite right...

  • fixed lots of little bugs with scoring workflow
  • added version check notifications
  • increase font size for race number on ringside display
  • fixed issue where race status was not updating correctly at end of tournament


  • update database schema
  • performance enhancements
  • better poor network handling


  • no longer in beta.
  • scoring screen shows number of heats for entries
  • adds real-time heat lamps to online on deck
  • add team, club and division reports
  • changed radio buttons to switches
  • added ability to publish tournament and schedule
  • add estimate race times to online schedule
  • fix bug with gap calculations when building schedule
  • add button to set tournament start time for race 1

20.4.1 (preview)

  • Schedules show difference in minutes
  • Schedule export uses "|" instead of "/" preventing spreadsheet apps using value as date
  • focus on first time entry field when using next arrow on Scoring screen
  • navigate next/prev race with keyboard arrow keys
  • Interference correctly awards win and tournament points based on new understanding of NAFA rule
  • edit race comment and duration on Schedule screen by double-clicking race row
  • add address field to Tournament Info screen
  • Dashboard screen includes button to zoom app to full screen
  • performance enhancements
  • additional bug fixes

20.3.19 (preview)

  • add BO and I to completed C.2 forms
  • fix NAFA generated file when less than 6 dogs with warm up dog
  • changed NAFA file where teams not placing assigned value of 0 for place

20.3.18 (preview)

  • fixed bugs with completed C.2 forms

20.3.17 (preview)

  • add completed C.2 forms

20.3.16 (preview)

  • fix issue where height of 6th dog was not printing

20.3.15 (preview)

  • fix issue with comment/duration not correctly setting scoring screen fields

20.3.14 (preview)

  • add tournament comment to Broadcast screen
  • add race comment and duration fields to Scoring screen

20.3.12 (preview)

  • fixed issue with online sync

20.3.11 (preview)

  • removed debugging code on scoring screen
  • fixed issue where online sometimes would not update

20.3.10 (preview)

  • fixed issue with tournament dates showing online as 1 day prior to entered date
  • fix issue where lanes sometimes did not swap when building schedule
  • add race comment and duration
  • C.2 Form 6 races per page
  • ensure .fbm2 extension added on new files
  • built with Livecode 9.6.6

20.3.0 (preview)

  • online is back -- well it's a start
  • uses web sockets for client messages
  • send ondeck event
  • now uses

20.2.0 (preview)

  • now schedules round-robin tournaments
  • Livecode 9.6.5

20.1.0 (preview)

  • All new data layer
  • tournament adds entries, divisions, seed chart and judges tabs
  • schedule now shows previous as well as next race counts
  • updated UI of scoring screen


  • Added Double click dog in Club list inserts into next available spot on team list
  • Added Online Team Results
  • Fixed Save As file becomes main file
  • Fixed Division Format overwrites schedule's format
  • Fixed Dog Label Background on Windows now white


  • Updated Eyes On/Off to include new Open divisions
  • Eyes On/Off alert after move to next race alert
  • Result/Schedule data sent to Flyball via API calls
  • Auto Save every 30 seconds.
  • Replaced Save Alert with On-screen notification
  • built with Livecode 8.1.3


  • Added Ringside Display with Race Details and Heat Lamps
  • Better 10 key support with Win Left ="/", Win Right ="*", Tie = "=" and No Finish="-"
  • Scoring Screen displays only total potential heats for race
  • Built with Livecode 8.1.3
  • Added additional auto-saves
  • Club and Team conflicts crossing day boundary no longer show as a conflict
  • Changing Division breakout time now correctly updates schedule


  • Multi-ring networking completely re-done
  • Updated FBM Scoring to include most of the Scoring Features of Flyball Master
  • Added FBM Jumbotron (aka. Scoreboard)
  • Advance to Next Race is more automated.
  • Added XXX Breakout tracking per team
  • W/L/T UI Fixed
  • built with Livecode 8.1.2


  • Added Auto Advance Online Race Numbers
  • Added printing Team Lineup Labels for Dog CRN and Name
  • Added Eyes On/Eyes Off for Vet races
  • Added Release notes (FINALLY!)
  • Fixed NAFA Scoring File sometimes needed to be generated twice to get dog points
  • Fixed issue with NAFA Scoring File check box on Team Edit screen
  • Fixed issue with Judges pop-up menu sometimes showing no Judges in selection
  • Fixed Day 2 Start Date not saved


  • Added Performance Teams
  • Print Performance Team designation on C2 Form
  • Added Performance Team to NAFA Scoring File generation
  • Added Online Documentation to Help menu
  • Added Eyes On/Eyes Off for Vet races
  • Added Release notes (FINALLY!)
  • Fixed issue with NAFA Scoring File check box on Team Edit screen