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NAFA form C.2

The official NAFA Form C.2 can be found in the Forms section of Flyball Manager. Form C.2 uses the data entered for the tournament to create a form that is ready for line judges. Every attempt is made to allow for ample room to record information on the form in a clear manner.

The Print All C.2 Forms button allows for printing of all C.2 forms for the tournament. The C.2 forms are sorted in order of team appearance in the tournament. The C.2 forms for the teams in race 1 will print first, then teams in race 2, etc. This enables printing of C.2 forms as close to racing starting with out having to worry about sorting through all the printed C.2 forms to find the race 1 teams.

The form screen allows for printing of C.2 forms individually or in groups. To select an Individual team, click once on the team desired to highlight, then click the Print Team C.2 Form button.

Using standard selecting methods of lists for your computer, sub-sets of teams can be highlighted either in groups or individually. Click the Print Team C.2 Form button will print the forms for the highlighted teams.

Form C.2 ... Form C.2 Footer

1. Tournament info

This section pre-fills form data entered while setting up your tournament. Missing data in these fields indicates that there is more tournament setup that needs to be performed.

2. Team lineup

This section pre-fills form data entered from the team screen lineup tab. If any information is missing be sure to complete the lineup on the Team screen then reprint Form C.2.

3. Team heats

A group of rows representing the Team scoring of team heats for a single race. Each race can have a maximum of 5 heats. Each heat is an individual row in the grouping.

The second column lists the race number and the lane the printed Form C.2 team will run in. A common mistake is to have the team listed on the C.2 run in the incorrect lane. The lane indicated in the 2nd column designates which lane the team for the printed Form C.2 needs to run in.

4. Opponent

The opponent name and an optional lane indicator. It is recommended to use the opponent lane indicator to help reduce confusion as to which lane teams are running in.

5. Heat scoring

The far right of the heat is used to score the races. The scorer will circle the dogs running in the heat based on the lineup position indicated on the Form C.2. Next the time for the heat is entered. And finally the scorer circles whether the team won (W), lost (L) or tied (T) the heat.

Used to record the team's entered division, tournament placement in the division and best time for the tournament.

After Tournament C.2 Data

Flyball Manager is able to print completed C.2 Forms. The completed C.2 adds all the data entered for a team in a tournament. The completed form can be used to validate data entered during the tournament and as a take-away for team captains.

Printing completed forms is the same process as for blank C.2 forms. Simply select the teams to print and click on the Print After Tournament Data button.

Captain's form

Captain's forms are used to validate team lineups with the club captain. All captain forms should be printed prior to races starting and delivered to team captains. It is common practice for the team captain to sign or initial the Captain's form to confirm the lineup is correct for the team.


It is by choice that Flyball Manger prints each team lineup on a separate page. This ensures that each team's lineup is verified and signed off on with an individual form.

Total points form

The total points form details points awarded to dogs on a team's lineup. It is customary to print these forms at the completion of the tournament and delivered to the team captain.

Each team prints on a separate sheet. Flyball Manager is working to combine teams to reduce the number of pages printed.