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Labels are 1"x4" Avery 8161

Avery 8161

How do I pay for the using the application?

All payments are handled through Stripe. In the application you can make a payment using the built in payment window. In the View menu select Payments. This opens a window where you can make a payment. The default setting is for a single day tournament. Use the quantity drop down menu to select the number of days you want to pay for.

Thanks for supporting my efforts with Flyball Manager!

How do I handle 2 single day tournaments?

Flyball Manager is designed to manage a single tournament. When hosting 2 single day tournaments on back to back days, each day is set up as a tournament independent of each other.

Entries for the tournaments can be imported from a .csv file. This assists with the initial setup of the tournaments. For information on this file please refer to the Tournament entries section of this documentation.

Lanes for the second tournament day can be reversed. This is detailed in the scheduling section of this documentation.

Norton is telling me that some files are unsafe and removes them.

Norton can be quite picky about what it allows to run. The application follows current security practices and is signed and verified. If you are having issue with Norton, you will need to disable it in order to run the application. Head to the Norton Support forums to learn how to temporarily disable Norton. Follow instructions in the section labeled "Exclude disks, folders, and files from scans"

How do I print the scoring table race sheets?

Flyball Manager replaces any handwritten forms the scoring table would have done in the past. Flyball Manager IS the source of truth for scoring tournaments. There is no need for the head table to do any manual scoring separate from Flyball Manager.

The C.2 form always shows "3/5 Format" even for heats that are not 3 of 5

The NAFA form is a generic form that includes the text "3/5 Format" no matter what the heat format is. The NAFA form is available in the Appendix C of the NAFA Rules of Racing.

How do I import my schedule?

Flyball Manager does not allow importing of schedules. The application automatically generates the race schedule for you from the entries and divisions created for the tournament.

Can I use Flyball Manager for a multi-ring tournament?

Well, yes but not the perfect setup.

Flyball Manager at this time has limited support multi-ring tournaments. Flyball Manager can handles scoring the tournament from a single pit boss workstation. This machine does the scoring for both rings on the single workstation.

The paper C.2 forms would come back to the "Pit Boss" from each ring where they would be entered into the application. Flyball Manager can handle generating the seed chart, scheduling, printing of forms, reporting, scoring, placements and generating the NAFA scoring file all from a central location. All online functions work from the Pit Boss machine including on deck and results.

On the scoring screen there is an option to enable "Pit boss tab order". This option assists with the data entry of C.2 forms at the Pit boss table. The tab ordering is changed to score each lane's results. The default tab ordering is to score a live race which does not work well for the Pit boss machine.

What Flyball Manager can't do at this time is have scoring machines at each ring entering data for the races. This is the perfect setup that I am working towards.

If you have any questions on how to use Flyball Manager in a multi-ring tournament feel free to contact me directly. (bhall underscore 2001 at yahoo dot com -- sorry for the cryptic info, hopefully you can figure it out ;-)